Colors of Adulthood

Asserting individuality and growth spurts, both physically and emotionally, are typical of this time.Teenagers go through an identity crisis and often use black to hide this as they feel it is cool. Black needs to be combined with other colors if it is to be used as it is not beneficial to emotional development. It is without light. Using small amounts of fluoro brights will lift the young person away from the feeling of isolation or withdrawal from the world. Red is a favourite bright for this age group – intense energy. Bold blues and citrus greens also provide some tranquillity.

Purple is usually embraced when the mind develops social awareness and outward thoughts – this is later in the teenage years, usually between 14-17 years old. Texture and changing sheens in fabric (matt velvets to silky satins) offer a positive tactile experience to teenagers as well as being seen to be desirable from a cool point of view. At this age a fixation with metal and glass in all forms is prevalent – car fetishes with young boys and jewellery with girls

Uplifting bright colours

Resene Ming
Resene Drover
Resene Golden Glow
Resene Mexican Red
Resene Milk Punch
Resene Chetwode Blue
Resene Puerto Rico
Resene Sunglo
Resene Tacao

Darker (but not black) colours

Resene Bunker
Resene Grenadier
Resene La Rioja
Resene Seance
Resene Turbo
Resene Yellow Sea

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