Colors of Benevolence

For benevolence stage of life, the color choices are plenty, as your behavior cools down and you start liking everything. Depending on the room and the setting, the colors can go from vibrant hues to warm neutrals.

For bedrooms, the best choices are those shades that promote soothing vibes like lavender, pale blue, soft green and soft grey. For studies or a home office, colors that promote concentration, creativity and focus are deep greys, blue, green and orange.

Uplifting bright colours

Resene Cranberry
Resene Deep Koamaru
Resene Flame Red
Resene Lima
Resene Moon Yellow
Resene Resolution Blue
Resene Salem
Resene West Side
Resene Windsor

Soft pastel colours

Resene Blossom
Resene Burning Sand
Resene Cherub
Resene Dutch White
Resene Pancho
Resene Sandy Beach
Resene Perano
Resene Spun Pearl
Resene Surf Crest
Resene Vista Blue
Resene Wistful

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