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Wood Coating Solutions


Wood Coating Solutions

Raymax PU Enamel

Supergloss enamel

Raymax PU Enamel is a polyurethane finish paint cured with aliphatic ISO CYANATE. It has excellent gloss colour and has excellent retention properties.

Ringo Synthetic

High Gloss Enamel

Ringo synthetic high gloss enamel is premium quality enamel formulated to retain is mirror like gloss and film integrity even in extreme climatic variations.

Clear Wood Finish

Wood Coating

Get the right shade, texture and finish with our range of Clear Wood Finish products with unique characteristics that enhance the wood finishes of your home.

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RAYMAX PAINTS came to existence with the sole goal to be a provider of Quality and Durable products based on latest available technology to enhance the satisfaction of our clientele. We strive hard to provide large range of products & pricing so as to match every budget. We work towards enhancing our clientele’s experience by catering to their paint, coating, texture & ancillary need that they may come across.

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