Protocol for Best painted Dream home:

10 Steps to Painting Walls Like a DIY Pro


1.Plan your approach

  • Think about how you want the finished project to look
  • Plan accordingly

3. Determine how much paint you'll need

  • Check our Paint calcuator tool, it will give a brief idea for the products needed


5. Prime the walls

  • Applying primer ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface and helps to maximize the sheen and coverage of the paint for a more uniform finish.
  • Primer assures that the surface being painted will last longer and the final product can be more eye-appealing.


7.Reapply Primer

  • After drying of wall putty, proper sanding should be done to remove all loose & flaky particles so that their are no undulations. Thereafter primer coat should be applied for smooth surface.
  • Reapplying the Primer will give a beautiful smooth finish desired.


9. Ventilation is important

  • Make sure your space is well-ventilated throughout the project by opening windows and using fans.


2. Choose your color

  • Browsing through our coloring your lifecycle page will give you a good idea to choose.
  • Test the shades to see how they look in the room at different times of day.

4. Prep the walls and the room

  • Empty the room of all the furniture and other stuff Grab a roll of painter's tape and firmly apply it to the edges of the room's corners, base and crown moldings, and door and window casings, using a putty knife to seal if needed.


6.Apply Putty

  • Putty should be applied after a coat of primer to fill in minor cracks and surface imperfections thereby making the surface even and smooth,Raymax wall putty assures all this.
  • Allow the Putty to dry completely, before you go on the next step.


8.Apply Paint

  • Before starting to paint give it a nice stir
  • Plan if you want a clear finish or textured wall
  • Apply the top paint after deciding the pattern to go about it, eg. when using a roller use long strokes in w patternAllow the first coat to dry and apply a second coat to get the uniformity you seek.


10. Clean up

  • Clean brushes with soap and water if you used latex- or water-based paints.

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