Research and Development

Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Raymax Paints is zealously engaged in developing paint innovations. We have a state of the art R&D; facility with committed professionals to ensure continuous improvement in the field of high performance Industrial Paints, Decorative paints and Speciality Coatings.

Eco Research

Development and prototyping of innovative, environment friendly technologies. Taking too much care of environment by the manufacturing and application domain.

Market research

Creating new business opportunities by bridging technology and product gaps faster. Innovation and pricing are two key roles we are taking care of.

Customer Centric

Customisation of Industrial Coatings products as per customer requirements. Taking too much precision on the visibility of color.


Product and process innovations include updation process and flow in supplychain to maintain high and faster flow.

Change does not roll on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. Join us to be a champ.

RAYMAX PAINTS came to existence with the sole goal to be a provider of Quality and Durable products based on latest available technology to enhance the satisfaction of our clientele. We strive hard to provide large range of products & pricing so as to match every budget. We work towards enhancing our clientele’s experience by catering to their paint, coating, texture & ancillary need that they may come across.

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